Silkwaves really attract attention.  How big are they?
Silkwaves themselves are approx. 20 feet tall by 5 feet wide.  Soaring over 25 feet into the sky on a flexible fiberglass pole. To put into perspective this is as tall as a two story building!

What colors are there to choose from?
Silkwaves are available in a rainbow of vibrant colors from rich jewel tones to soft pastels, white, cream and gold.  We can create customized packages of color allowing your Silkwaves to blend harmoniously with your specified theme, decor or attire.  Our designers also incorporate a variety of gorgeous fabrics such as metallic lame and organza to add sparkle and richness.

Where are Silkwaves made?
Silkwaves are designed and handcrafted in the United States of America.  Our studio where the initial concepts and designs are created is located in Southern California surrounded by the rolling hills of the Santa Rosa Plateau.  We are equal distance from San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.

What if there is no wind, will they still fly?
Yes...the flexible pole and tension applied during installation forms a rounded shape on top which opens the fabric into a fixed feather shape.  Our beautiful silk fabric shimmers in the sun and moves effortlessly in the slightest breeze.

How many Silkwaves will I need for my event?
When taking into account the quantity of Silkwaves you will need, consider the size of your venue and the visual impact you wish to achieve.  We recommend a minimum of 10 Silkwaves for more intimate gatherings and 50 to 100 for larger affairs.  We generally space the poles approx. 10 to 12 feet apart as grouping in tighter bunches is more visually attractive.  We can help you in considering different options and ideas to suit your venue.

I am having a beach wedding.  Can Silkwaves be installed in the sand?
Yes...our custom ground spikes support the fiberglass poles securely to any natural surface such as turf, grass and sand.  Designed to be environmentally friendly, leaving little trace when removed.

I love the "Angel Wings" do you have an idea for adding a color to compliment my bridesmaids dresses?
I am glad you asked =)  We have attached a small hidden ring to the top of our Angel Wings allowing the option of adding a color coordinated streamer to the top of the Silkwave.  This is a popular inexpensive option to make your Silkwaves special.  We can also custom design a package of Silkwaves in the fabrics and colors of your choice if desired.

What ideas can you give me for our corporate event?
We can color coordinate the Silkwaves to closely match your signature colors.  We also offer feather flags that are digitally or screen printed with your logo or message in any quantity desired.  Please visit our Roberts Graphics site for more ideas.

My festival extends into the night, do the Silkwaves light up?
Yes...for events that extend into the night you can have your Silkwaves light up.  We have a battery powered LED light strip that extends 20 feet up the pole that we can remotely vary the light colors from red to green to blue to purple to yellow to white.  Looks spectacular!

What are some different ways the Silkwaves can be displayed?
Silkwaves can be arranged simply as random waves of color through out the event or used to line drive-ways, aisle ways and paths.  We can also arrange an arc or circle of color behind a gazebo or to enhance a specific area you want to emphasize.  Silkwaves can also be used to create a beautiful backdrop of increased privacy for your guests. 

What services do you offer?

1)  Our statuesque Silkwaves provide a visually stunning decorative display of color and movement.  Attracting attention and excitement thru size, color and movement to any event. 

2)  Available for rent to enhance a wide range of outdoor events, festivals and weddings.

3)  We work with  you or your event coordinator to deliver and install the Silkwaves and arrive for their return after your event has ended.

4)  You may choose any of our existing designs and colors or we can custom create Silkwaves to suit your creative vision.

5)  We also offer
Silkwaves and smaller feather flags digitally or screen printed with your logo or message in any quantity desired.  Please refer to Roberts Graphics website @

How are your prices determined?
We have included a price guideline here. Other factors that we use in determining our prices are distance to venue, amount of site visits necessary, installation size, event duration, location, crew hospitality and other exact requirements.  We also take into consideration custom designs and colors that are not already part of our rental packages.

Are Silkwaves for Sale?
Although our first intention is to rent out our beautiful Silkwaves to make your event special, if you would like to purchase a set of Silkwaves we would be happy to work with you on a custom design and or color combination of your choice.

Should I rent or purchase my Silkwaves?
Our customer service representative would be happy to assist you with this determination. Length of rental, budget and the number of times you plan on using your Silkwaves all factor into your decision.  We have several ideas and options available to tell you about.
Are Silkwaves available nationwide?
Yes =)  Our Silkwaves can be shipped nationwide.  Please contact us for the details.